Website Development

Websites are what we do best. With over a hundred successfully completed web development projects made with ASP.NET, MVC and Umbraco CMS, we have experience and full cycle production power that takes your idea and grows it into a complete and perfect solution.

We keep the working process as clear as possible. The website that is being developed is available online for inspection 24/7. The development process evolves around the task tracking system that our clients can access anytime. The website development starts with the detailed Software Requirements Specification document and is split into phases with functionally complete deliverables.

Identity & Design

Want people to remember your company and become repeat customers? Start with your corporate identity. It is via your corporate identity that customers form their critically important first impression of your company.

А good identity helps to establish positive relationships with your customer base. We all know the benefits of getting started on the right note.

It is a common thing in the relationships with our clients when we start with the website development and after some time we are asked to work on additional graphic design materials: posters, booklets, catalogs, lottery-tickets or business cards.

Dedicated Team

Implementation of a complex idea and software can greatly benefit from a team of seasoned developers. It requires tremendous effort to bring talent in time when you need them on-site but we can give you a team of professional developers who is already great working together and posess various programming skills.

In complex situations when development is going to last a lot of time, in situations when it is near impossible to get the finished specification ready at the very beginning, it is more effective to hire developers hourly and move forward by small steps using Scrum or Agile approaches. We provide such services — contact us for additional details.